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“Singer Rahimah Wright’s low vocal tones swirl under crashing cymbals, igniting the sound of 

passion – something we all need a boost of in this extremely un-sexy time.”

Vents Magazine

“A beautifully crafted piece for 2020”

“Their most recent release comes in the form of their three track EP, entitled, “Three Truths.” The project is not named carelessly, in fact with each track, the listener begins to understand what the three truths actually are, and although the artists very clearly intended for it to be a personal journey for each listener, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed in the best way with how articulate and artistic this duo really is.”


Our favorite track on the EP has to be “Brave,” which begins gently as Rahimah sings softly over piano chords. As the beat picks up, so does the emotion, and the listener finds themselves swept away in a moody rush of sound. The duos ethereal vocals, poetic lyrics, and perfectly layered atmospheric sound immediately draw the listener in. You’re definitely going to want to give this EP a listen!

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Red Flower Lake’s EP “Three Truths” is their latest project to hit the streaming platforms. Red Flower Lake is a Virginia-based electronic duo made up of couple Abel Okugawa Wright and Rahimah von Briesen. The EP consists of three tracks, titled “Baby Don’t Go”, “Brave”, and “Heart Is Breaking”. Each song holds a special message that resonates with listeners, drawn from their relationship and experiences.

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