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Welcome to Red Flower Lake’s exhibit in the TOROSIETE Museum.




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The first time we heard of The Totorosiete Museum was last year at an event that was part of an art exhibit for our beloved friend and creative mentor, Beatrix Ost. It was a magical time. 

Just a few months before, we had the privilege of being at a table together with Beatrix. She shared with us the phrase “Brotlose Kunst” and, if it wasn’t present already, there was now a palpable sense of commonality between us. A shared recognition of that feeling reality –  the absolute necessity to make art whether it gives anything back or not and the important responsibility of honoring that necessity. 

As Beatrix began describing her paintings that evening, Abel said he could hear the sounds coming off of them as she described them. From there was born the soundtrack to her exhibit, “Illusions and Illuminations”. 

The making of the soundtrack was alchemical. Pulling up her art on our computer and whispering the breeze in, going into her landscapes and finding the voices and sounds in those not so unreal but also surreal realities. Perfectly TOROSIETE (but we didn;t know that yet).

Beatrix put on many events as part of her Illusions and Illuminations exhibit and she invited us to play live for the second opening. The magic of this invitation was that up until that point Abel had refused to play live. He had a pretty debilitating fear of performing and for good reason (nothing like the effects of trauma) and though I had asked him many times to perform live with me, an invitation from someone we both deeply respect made the difference. It was worth it for him – for us – to do the work in order to perform. Without those vibes going toward a shared process, our lives would likely have gone in a very different direction and so it is important to me that we honor those moments where being in creative process together saved our relationship – even though it is sometimes so incredibly difficult anyway.

It was at our second live performance at Illusions and Illuminations where we were invited to sit at a table with many other souls and play a game of Exquisite Corpse. We were blessed to sit near Keith and Ferdinand Tomlin who are the genius minds behind The TOROSIETE Museum and where we really got to hear about what they are doing. I couldn’t believe this was happening in our podunk (and rather snooty, cliquish, and closed minded) town. It gave me some hope for interesting things happening in the world. 

We couldn’t have imagined then what all of our lives would be thrown into only a few months later but we were already scheming and plotting and looking for ways for Red Flower Lake to participate in The TOROSIETE Museum. At that point we didn’t have any visual content and so it was difficult to imagine how that would happen. As we began thinking of releasing an EP, we also began to envision a message, a look, a feeling, visual aspects we hadn’t considered and in bouts of inspiration and promotion of our songs, accumulated a collection of multi-media material.

Now, it makes sense how we fit in at the museum and it feels fantastic

Another dream making its way into reality.