Three Truths EP

Three Truths

These three songs are dear to our heart. We have overcome challenges we never imagined in order to get this music all the way here and are proud to be able to present these three songs to you now. Each song is a work of art from our hearts – from our lives – and we are so happy to be able to share them with you.

We have been deep in love but have also been very lost at some points. We are lucky to have music as a lifeboat when we are shipwrecked in a sea of heartbreak which, at least for us, can turn to depression. It’s not easy to admit being depressed. This music has lifted us up beckoning us to be our best selves – the selves we dream we can be. We only have this moment and making it the best we can is a constant practice for us. These songs are a result of that practice.

Heart is Breaking

Rahimah: This song came to me on a Friday morning. I know this because Fridays were when Abel would take the kids to The Rose Garden school in Afton and I would get to play my guitar alone in a quiet house (((dreamy))).

As I imagine many people can relate to, it’s not always easy getting kids out of the house early in the morning (ours were small at the time but it can be challenging at any age). I often felt pretty awful upon their departure. This song speaks to that feeling of feeling wrecked by how hard it is to be a partnership in parenting, wrecked by being partners in love, wrecked knowing we are doing our very best and falling short – over and over again. Wrecked by loving but loving anyway because love is love any way you cut it, crack it, crumble it. I think if you’re smashing it though, it’s probably time to walk away, take a break, get some fresh perspective, remember what love feels like.

Abel: I was in the hospital by the side of my younger brother who had crashed his motorcycle and was lucky (and grateful) to have lived. I realized, when he asked me if I had ever broken anything in my body, that the only thing I had broken in my body was my heart. 

Heartbreak is the most painful thing I have felt. 

Heart is Breaking is about me confessing that my heart is feeling like it’s actually out of my chest, raw and exposed, and extremely sensitive, but also an offering of all I have, my life, my love. 

Rahimah had recorded herself playing this song on her iPhone that Friday morning when I took the kids to school and she texted it to me later in the week with a couple other songs she thought I might dig. I immediately got inspired and ended up sampling multiple bits of the recording and creating a demo beat. The intro is the original recording. We started this song when I had my studio upstairs in our house and we finished it six years later in my studio downstairs.

 Baby Don’t Go

Baby Don’t Go is inspired by our love. The song exposes the complexity of relationships. It speaks to how simple acts (like  “one more kiss” , or “flowers on my birthday”) can bring us back into the vibration of love. 

When we find ourselves on the edge, (the stakes are always high) we choose to go deeper, fall harder, love bigger.

We learn over and over that we have not yet given everything we have to give, we can go deeper, we can refine our communication, our vibration. 

The thought of living without love is unbearable.

When all hope is gone, and we feel at the end of the road, “one more kiss” can bring us a flood of feelings and we learn to love again.

This song is about our relationship. How – when we feel like the end is near, or something is ready to emerge – we can lean in toward each other. One kiss can change everything. Our souls are awakened by leaning into our truth together and the mysterious journey continues.


Brave was inspired by going deep in therapy and seeing how taking responsibility for my experience and being willing to look at and own the entire feeling could be remarkably liberating. Doing that with another can be pretty terrifying – especially when there is serious stuff that needs to be looked at. But being committed to an honest and healthy relationship with Abel and having incredible faith in the love vibration has made miracles happen. 

It happened that this song was forming just before the beginning of quarantine. When we pulled it up to listen to together, quarantine was a new thing and it fit well for the feelings surfacing in a broader way. I love that about catching a feeling. Sometimes – maybe even often? – a sentiment resonates beyond what one person’s experience of it is.

I think the best part about Brave is that it took so much bravery for it to become. From going deep in therapy to titling the song I didn’t know I was going to make yet (an odd part of recording sketches on protools is the song has to be named before you can record it) and calling it Brave, to actually singing it to get the feeling out, all the way to the process of the final recording, I had to continually reach deep and be brave. I had to be brave enough to honor and stop being scared of my dreams, to recognize and stop sabotaging them, and to stop believing and defending my own miserable programming. I had to honor but not believe my terrified and extremely defensive self and literally just be brave in order for this song to become. I think that is what is super cool about this song. I had to be brave for it to be a song called Brave. And I think that reprogramming has paved the way in a lot of ways for us to make serious headway on the EP coming to be.