We have a really unique and exciting Vinyl project that just announced and only 10 days before it closes on March 5th.

We’re thrilled to partner with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in Brooklyn, NY to create 7″ lathe cut vinyl records each containing one song that you choose (pre-ordering by March 5th) that we will record individually for each person. 

Think of these records like audio polaroids…each recording will be unique from any other and each 100% one-of-a-kind. Or like an audio postcard, made from scratch by us to you.
Each record contains one song. A one-of-a-kind live take, made specifically and uniquely for each individual pre-order. You choose the song you would like recorded and pre-order the vinyl. Then we will record the song of your choice specifically for you and it will be cut to vinyl and sent to you. All of these records are -in effect- masters with no other copies made. They each contain a different live performance that exists nowhere else in the world

This Shut-In Session is available exclusively via preorder. Here’s how it works:

1. PICK YOUR SONG!  You choose a song from the options above that you’d like the artist to record for you.

2. ARTIST RECORDS!  Red Flower Lake will record an individual performance of your song in their home, complete with a personal message to you right in the recording!

3. WE CUT YOUR RECORD! After the preorder closes, we’ll cut a 7″ lathe cut vinyl record of your performance specifically for you.  No two records will be the same and only one copy of each will be made.  Your record will include your one-of-a-kind performance from Red Flower Lake, cut specifically for you.

Quantities and time are limited, so don’t sleep on this one.

Preorder Close Date: 2/26/21